Zipline Beware of the bear at full throttle

Zipline Beware of the bear started to work after the official opening

The longest Zipline in the Europe, situated in the heart of the region Lika, and only 30 km from the NP Plitvička jezera, started to work officially the 29th and 30th of April 2017. Not even the Bura (strong north wind) couldn’t stop that everything goes into how we planned. A lot of positive people, homemade local food and drinks were more than enough that the opening ceremony went all until early morning hours.

Not even one month from the opening and we already did 350 Zipline rides. The impressions from the visitor, as are excellent, and this is just a few of the comments that we wanted to single out and we are thankful for them.

The comments

What an amazing experience! The crew was super helpful and nice, making sure that my fear of heights doesn’t get the best of me. I think I beat it..but will have to come back again..just to be sure! ?
Ivana Kuryakovich, Zagreb

Excellent, I would recommend to everyone to try the ride… the staff was phenomenal!
Thanks you for the hospitality and nice ride…
Something new in our-your like
Sebastijan, Veliki Lošinj

Congratulation to the team on everything! The idea, creativity, performance. Keep it going! See you soon.
Željko, Samobor

Base jumpers and parachute jumpers are always thrilled with the Zipline. They are always conquered with that feeling of freedom and the rush of adrenaline.
Marko, Zagreb

We don’t even believe that we made it. The project Zipline Beware of the bear has a specific importance for all of us that believed that something like this is possible for me only with the good will and us who didn’t give up even when it was hardest. Zipline Beware of the bear is a prove that you can do absolutely everything when you do it from the heart, because only then you can give 100 %.
Saša Kmezić- Project leader

We want to thank to all of the people who were writing about us and help us with the promotion, but we would like to single out one special that made a big impression on us because it shows the best who we are and what is our project.

The author of the text is Vedrana Šimičević, and you can read it on the news portal Novi list. The whole text you can read it at this link.

Contact info

  • Phone: 095 3315 668
  • Address: Rudopolje,
    53223 Vrhovine, Croatia
  • Working Hours: 10:00-18:00


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