Zip Line Plitvice is constructed in accordance with all due care and trade expertise, and all equipment used carries the necessary attestations and certificates. People engaged on this project are specially trained for specific activities. The service provider obliges to provide the user with the necessary education and equipment for the performance of this activity.

Hereby the user of the zip-line ride issues the statement on acceptance of responsibility in case of injury.


  • Taking photographs or videos with devices which aren’t attached to the person is strictly prohibited;
  • Please empty your pockets before the start of the ride;
  • At no time attempt to grab the zip-line – serious injury my occur;
  • The user is obliged to inform the zip-line operator before the start of the ride of any possible cardiac (heart) problems;
  • Minimum weight 40kg / Maximum weight 150kg;
  • Recording is only allowed with the camera on the helmet.
  • Please don’t wear flip-flops

Cancellation due to bad weather

Zip-line Plitvice retains the right of cancellation of rides, despite reservations, in the following cases.

  • Winds over 8 m/s (eight meters per second);
  • Rain.

Contact info

  • Phone: 095 3315 668
  • Address: Rudopolje,
    53223 Vrhovine, Croatia
  • Working Hours: 10:00-18:00


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