Disc Golf

What is it?

Disc Golf is a relatively new sport which combines two well known sports, golf and flying disc – Frisbee. To play the game, flying disc – Frisbee had to be put, in the fewest number of throws, in the specially made baskets.

For Disc Golf you do not need special equipment, and you can play it alone, in pairs or as most fun, as a whole team. Disc Golf is designed for everyone, amateurs and professionals.

Where and how?

At the SRC Bijeli Vrh in a beautiful natural surroundings on the surface of ??? we set up for you 18 basket targets. The distance between the baskets is from 80-150 meters, and the zones can be approached by walking, running or riding a bicycle. The decision is up to you.


  • Season usually starts at the beginning of April and ends by the middle of October.
  • Yet, during some winters you get a chance to enjoy sun, snow and Disc golf at the same time.


What else do we offer?

In order to provide a complete experience, we have also prepared some special packages. Check out the selection of packages with benefits we prepared just for You.


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Family Discount

Adults pay full price while children have 50% discount (Zipline only).

Group Discount (20+)

Every group member claims 10% discount

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Contact info

  • Phone: 095 3315 668
  • Address: Rudopolje,
    53223 Vrhovine, Croatia
  • Working Hours: 10:00-18:00


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