Do you like climbing?

At SRC Bijeli vrh at the last stop of the zip line, we installed an artificial rock climbing wall for sports climbing. The artificial rock climbing wall is suitable for children above the age of 5 years, as well as for “serious” climbers, therefore anyone can find something for themselves.

What about climbing equipment?

All you need is comfortable sportswear (clothes and shoes) and some enthusiasm and you’re ready to go. We provide all necessary equipment for safe climbing, and our professional staff will be at your service the entire time, ensuring your safety. The climbing wall is 8 meters tall, with a total surface area of 54 m2 and three separate climbing lines.

I prefer free climbing…

If you enjoy free climbing more, without the burden of ropes and harnesses, we have prepared a 67 m2 boulder for you. We have installed a 50cm thick mattress below the boulder to prevent injury from falls. There are 20 different directions of various difficulty at your disposal, something for everyone.


  • When you arrive, park the car in the parking lot below the zip-line building
  • Reception desk is located within, where you can purchase the tickets and receive all necessary information regarding activities
  • You can choose between “bouldering” and “lead” climbing with an instructor
  • After deciding on the climbing technique, you put on special shoes and climbing helmet, and equip a special belt you’ll “sit” in during climbing
  • The climbing instructor will provide instructions on how to climb, and will be by your side the entire time
  • There are two climbing lines. Relax, take a deep breath, and go…

Did you know…

  • The technique of climbing without ropes or harnesses is called “BOULDERING” and always includes a safety mattress placed under the boulder.
  • The technique of climbing with ropes and harnesses is called “LEAD” and is considered the safest climbing technique. The climber is secured with a rope and harness during climbing, and cannot fall from the boulder.


What else do we offer?

In order to provide a complete experience, we have also prepared some special packages. Check out the selection of packages with benefits we prepared just for You.


Zipline, Climbing, Cycling, Disc Golf

Family Discount

Adults pay full price while children have 50% discount (Zipline only).

Group Discount (20+)

Every group member claims 10% discount

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Contact info

  • Phone: 095 3315 668
  • Address: Rudopolje,
    53223 Vrhovine, Croatia
  • Working Hours: 10:00-18:00


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