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Have you ever dreamed of Flying?

Do you remember how free and excited it made you feel?

Man has always dreamed of flying.
Some say that when they dream of flying they feel they are on top of things in their life and have a special sense of power and control…

We can’t influence what you dream about, but we can
make you feel as if you were flying.

Imagine being 80 meters above the ground and flying 140 km/h for 2 km with magnificent scenery of Lika below you.

You are not dreaming, you are Ziplining!

The biggest Zipline center in Europe
is scheduled to open in early April 2016.

Kontakt info

  • Telefon: 095 3315 668
  • Adresse: Rudopolje,
    53223 Vrhovine, Croatia
  • Werkzeiten: 10:00-18:00


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